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5 Email Newsletter Ideas to Keep Your Audience Engaged [Subject Lines Included!]

With email marketing still being one of the top go-to marketing strategies for businesses, it's crucial you brainstorm ideas that'll keep your target audience engaged and excited to see your monthly (or weekly) email!

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It can be hard to come up with newsletter ideas that aren't stale, outdated, or just plain boring (these are the biggest reasons why a newsletter fails!), but we've got a few ideas up our sleeve that'll help boost your newsletter success!

These newsletter ideas can easily be tweaked to stay on brand and catered to your desired target audience! Bonus: we have subject line ideas that'll increase click-through rates too! Keep reading and don't miss it.

Newsletter Ideas to Excite Your Audience

  1. Share how your business has grown this year.

Your audience loves to cheer on your success, so share important updates and wins with them! You can share case studies, client testimonials, or just share a video update to keep them in the loop. Being open and transparent with your target audience is the BEST way to continue building a close relationship with them. It not only builds rapport but trust within your business.

Subject Line: This is the BIGGEST reason our business has grown in 2024!

2. Gather a list of the most common questions you get related to your product/service!

It's always fun to do an "Ask me Anything" on social media, but you may get more interesting questions that deserve a more elaborated response. Create an email surrounding your top asked questions and one's that really peak their interest! This is a great idea to keep your clients engaged and wanting to read the whole email. Better yet, you could provide a teaser in the newsletter and link to a video of you answering the questions with some of your co-workers!

Subject line: You asked, we answered! Don't miss our most common biz questions right here!

3. Entice them with a giveaway.

Giveaways are always a great idea to boost your business while providing a benefit on their end too! For example, if you're launching a new product soon and want to get the word out, have them share about it on their social platforms to be entered! The giveaway could be a % off the product/service, a gift card, one of your products for free, etc. Who doesn't love a good freebie moment?! This one is a win-win for both parties!

Subject line: Don't miss our amazing FREE giveaway inside!

4. Make a list of things you've learned while running a business and how to overcome challenges.

This idea is great if you have a lot of business-related followers. Every business owner knows that with running a business, big or small, there's bound to be challenges to tackle and overcome. Who doesn't love hearing a success story and following along on the journey! Share your top tips for how to successfully run a healthy business and steps you can take when you're in the trenches. A relatable business owner is the best kind!

Subject line: These are the 5 things I did to overcome the business owner slump!

5. Dedicate an email to showing your audience around your workspace, fun facts about your team, and ways to create a healthy workplace culture.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, behind-the-scenes moments are some of the best to share! Everyone loves a closer inside look into what it's like in your day-to-day. Show off your morning routine, give a tour of your office and ways you spruce up your office, or share tips on how to maintain a healthy culture within the workplace. Remember, showing your face and your co-workers is a great way to continue relationship building and gaining trust with your target audience!

Subject line: Come take a look at a day in my life in the office + work motivation tips!

Emails aren't going anywhere, if anything they should continue to be a huge part of your marketing strategy! Creating newsletters provides a great avenue aside from social media to stay engaged with your target audience.

If you want even more tips on how to create the best newsletters, don't miss our email marketing checklist!

Have questions or tips you'd like to share? Our team would be happy to to chat! We can't wait to see how your newsletters transform your business!


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