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5 Tips for Writing an Email Newsletter That Converts

business email newsletter on the computer

They say that to this day email marketing is still one of the most successful ways to grow your business. We couldn't agree more.

Email is the perfect way to craft content creatively and reach your audience at the perfect time. Newsletters can be fun, engaging, informative, and help you develop a lasting relationship with your followers.

Take a few tips from us and use these when crafting your next newsletter. We're rooting for your newsletter success.

#1: Use an email marketing platform that works with your brand.

#2: Figure out an optimal day and time that's best for your audience to receive your newsletter.

#3: The key to successful newsletters are making sure every line has value to your audience. Keep it short and simple!

#4: Share content that will excite your audience such as a video, infographic, or testimonial.

#5: Write an amazing subject line that your audience will want to click on!

Don't let one of your newsletters slip through the cracks. We would love to help you get into a creative headspace to write newsletters that convert leads to followers! Click here to get in touch with us.


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