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10 Email Best Practices to Help You Generate Leads

Generating leads through your email doesn't have to be hard! If you're writing to your audience and creating captivating and helpful content while leaving them with an offer they can't resist, you're bound to hit it out of the park!

Here are a few tips to get you moving along on your email success!

  1. Don't purchase contact lists.

  2. Optimize the email's preview text.

  3. Include an email signature and your logo.

  4. Clean your mailing list regularly.

  5. Keep the main message and CTA above the fold so it's seen first.

  6. Personalize your email greeting.

  7. Name the offer in your subject line so it catches their attention.

  8. Use auto-responders for opt-ins.

  9. Write compelling subject lines.

  10. Allow recipients to subscribe to your newsletter.

Be sure to come back to this blog for future reference when you start creating those killer emails. Leave us a comment if you want to be added to our email list for more marketing tips and tricks or shoot us an email if you have questions!


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