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Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Engagement

Is growing your social media engagement on your radar? I sure hope so!

I know it is for a lot of us, and sometimes it can seem like a lot of work and become overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Making it fun takes the stress out of it!

The top 3 ways to increase social media engagement are analyzing your current engagement, selecting your best strategy, and creating valuable content.

Knowing who your audience is allows you to figure out which social media sites to be on, when to publish, what type of content to share, and establishing your brand voice. It really all does come back to your target market.

You'll definitely want to keep reading for these next ideas!

+ Create and share valuable content. Don't be afraid to get creative with your posts (polls, Q+A, spotlighting customers, going live, etc.).

+ Respond in a timely manner to comments or DM's and keep the conversation flowing.

+ Show your human side, get personal, and allow your audience to remember that there's real people they're supporting behind the screen!

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If you need a few more pointers with increasing social media engagement or you need help with your social media strategy, consider us your go-to team! We love watching businesses soar!


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