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The Biggest Mistake You're Making With Your Social Media Strategy

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Just let this be a reminder to learn from my mistakes...

Your social media presence matters. The way you show up for your audience, for your brand, and for your business matters. Being intentional on social media is how you connect, especially in a world that’s continuously moving virtual.

The #1 mistake you need to avoid on your social media platforms is forgetting to be authentic and not taking time to uniquely connect with your target audience and following.

These are my top 3 tried and true ways to connect with your target audience!

1. Create content that resonates, inspires, and allows your followers to want to hit that like button.

Think content they would want to see from a friend trying to educate them on something. Keep it simple, fun, and interactive!

2. Respond to comments.

Take a minute to get back to your followers and answer their questions and just thank them for supporting you.

3. Share real life behind-the-scenes moments of what’s it’s like to do what you do.

People are inspired by the mundane moments that make up your work day. Share it and watch them fall in love with your habits and routines.

Get out there and live your best virtual life, and don’t forget to share ALL the moments because they want to be seen. If you need a few extra pointers on how to better be authentic with your followers, we love this blog on 8 impactful ways to build trust with your target audience!

Ready to kick off 2024 with your best social media strategy yet? Click here and let's get to work! Social media is one of our specialities and we love watching your success grow!


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