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6 Social Media Posts That SELL Your Offers [Examples Inside!]

What’s one major goal you hope to achieve by broadcasting your brand and business on social media?

To grow your business, build your audience, and SELL! Right?

Selling can seem difficult on social media, especially when you don’t want to come off pushy or salesey. This is where these 6 social media posts that sell your offers will come in handy! Check them out and start selling the right way!!

1. Problem — Solution — Offer.

Find the problem, provide them with the solution, and offer them an answer that helps your customer apply it to the situation they’re in.

2. Offer teachable moments from a recent client conversation.

This shows how you can dive in head first to a problem and come up with a solution that benefits both parties.

3. Share success stories.

By sharing a client’s testimonial it shows that your service is designed to help meet and solve the needs of the customer.

4. Let them in on the inside scoop of the ins and outs of your offer, who it’s for, what it’ll help them achieve, and how it all works.

Letting them in on how your offer will benefit them is quite literally the perfect selling point and a sure way to get more eyes and hands on your offer.

5. Share free value that equips your customer with the tools and resources they need to take action, and then present your offer.

Everyone loves a little free somethin' before they get the actual meat of your content offer, so don't be afraid to offer up a few free helpful tips that they can walk away with before even opening your offer.

6. Ask questions that let your customer self-identify as having the problem your offer solves.

This is one of the best ones!! Allowing your customers to have a little self-reflection is a sure way to get them interested in your offer, knowing full well it's going to benefit their needs and desires!

There are practical ways you can make selling your product/services on social media fun, engaging, and beneficial for you and your customers! We would LOVE to help you get comfortable with selling your products/services and helping to grow your clients. Tap here to get connected with us!

Don't miss out on the 2024 social media guide checklist to say up-to-date on all the new happenings of social media and how you can keep your brand on trend!


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