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This Is The #1 Secret That Draws Your Audience To Instagram Stories

Woman holding iphone looking at her screen displaying various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Did you know Instagram stories are one of the BEST ways to reach your target audience?

It may seem like such a small thing to post on instagram stories and actually see results, but so many businesses are seeing the most of their success from being consistent on stories. Unlike your average post, carousel, or reel, Instagram stories are happening in real time and can give your audience that behind-the-scenes feel that they crave!

Utilizing stories creatively gives your brand leverage in that you're able to interact with your audience in a more intimate way. Taking the time to go live gives you even more of an advantage to reeling in your followers!

Try these 4 tips for boosting your brand via Instagram stories:

  1. Share step-by-step tutorials and use gifs, stickers, and polls.

  2. Offer quick and helpful tips that they can start using right away.

  3. Q&A is the way! Answering client questions on the spot offers a more personalized experience for them and boosts brand loyalty!

  4. Tease about an upcoming product/event! Everyone loves a spoiler and being the first to know the inside scoop on what's coming next.

Creating interactive stories is the #1 secret that draws your audience to your brand. They want to see your face, hear what you have to say, and learn more about what you have to offer and how they can build a relationship with YOU.

Like we touched on previously, don't forget to include fun gifs, stickers, hashtags, locations, etc. to your story to help it reach your audience too! Instagram stories are the perfect way to be relatable and engaging in real time.

What's one way you use stories to grow your brand? Leave your answer in the comments and let's chat! Sharing your reels on Instagram stories and showing a little BTS content is always a win-win for your audience too!


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