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3 Instagram Algorithm Tips to Up Your Social Media Game

business owner scrolling Instagram on phone

Whenever we hear of a new Instagram algorithm happening, I can just feel the big unanimous eye roll from the social media community. Am I right?!

It can be hard to stay on top of our Instagram game, but being willing to roll with the punches will surely work out in our favor.

Though the algorithm changes are sure to keep coming, these 3 things have continued to dominate the Instagram world, so be sure to keep including these in your strategy and you can count on seeing consistent results!

1. Keep creating and sharing reels, especially ones with trending audio!

This is one of the top ways you can grow brand awareness and exposure through Instagram. There's constant new trends and fun music to get creative with. Your audience will love engaging with your reels and learning from you!

2. Always take into account the 30 minute rule.

This means utilizing that first 30 minutes after your post goes live to engage on other accounts and respond in a timely manner to those who interact with your content.

3. Quality will always be better than quantity.

Don't just post to post. Stick to your strategy and invest in creating content that provides helpful tools and resources for your audience.

Stick to these 3 things and I can guarantee the Instagram algorithm will work out to your benefit.

Need more Instagram tips? We're always up for offering insight into how you can better use Instagram to showcase your brand and business. We'd love to connect and help you grow your Instagram strategy!!


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