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6 Instagram Reel Hacks That’ll Have Your Audience Ready for More!

Instagram reel hacks you need to start using NOW!

Reels are still the name of the game when it comes to growing your brand on Insta! We're keeping you in the loop on how to keep reaching success, so be sure to come back to this post when it’s go-time!

6 Insta Reel Hacks to Take Your Instagram Marketing Up A Notch!

  1. Include on-screen text and closed captions.

  2. Drive traffic by encouraging viewers to head to the link in your bio.

  3. Hop on trends fast and utilize Instagram’s library music.

  4. Share reels to your feed and Insta story.

  5. Find your niche and post consistently.

  6. Provide value and share educational content.

We're not sayin' these will make you go viral, but they'll definitely help boost your biz big time!

With reels becoming more and more popular by the minute, it’s important to continue to use video in your marketing strategy (especially branded videos!). This gives you a higher chance at being seen and a better chance to really reel (see what we did there?) in your desired client! Boosting business growth starts with posting at least once a week and remaining consistent while you wait for those big results!

What are you waiting for? Get brainstorming and start crafting those master reels! If you need a few pointers, let’s work together and create the perfect videos for your biz! Afterall, we do have quite the videography experience!


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