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The One Tip That’ll Increase Video Views Is Right Here

Two women sitting and filming a podcast episode.

What's one thing you're doing in your marketing strategy to make video a priority?

It's not going anywhere. If anything, video is just continuing to amp up over every social platform. TikTok continues to grow, Instagram (and Facebook) reels are dominating the internet, and short-form video is becoming increasinly popular on YouTube. So, how is it that in an internet space of millions, are we able to capture our audience's time and attention?

Here's how it's going down in with video views in the Instagram world...

Lately with the Instagram algorithm, the math equation for video content is looking a lot like this!

5-10 second video + trending audio + solid hook + relevant hashtags = success!!

Why is this?!

The best answer is that they’re relatable! People are taking simple videos of themselves doing everyday simple tasks that they know will stop their audience in their tracks. 

Although the equation may look easy, it does take some strategy and a good understanding of your target audience’s needs and desires to create a video that’ll captivate. 

Comment “video help” below if you’re ready to boost your video marketing strategy this year! We love working with clients to help brainstorm video ideas they know their audience will LOVE!


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