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7 Video Content Ideas To Engage Your Following and Build Brand Awareness!

These video ideas will have you excited to try something new and show off your brand (and your face)!

People scroll for hours on social media watching videos. It's something they can do mindlessly while possibly learning something along the way.

It's a simple fact that videos draw people in. When you are scrolling social media, are you more likely to stop in your tracks at an image or a video of something? It's becoming more apparent that videos are what draw people in.

Video doesn't have to be complex either, just a simple task that you're used to doing but simplify it to 10 seconds with attention-grabbing copy and you've got yourself the perfect post.

Try one of these 7 video content ideas to engage your following and build brand awareness and watch your analytics start to skyrocket. (Wins all around!)

1. The next time you start working, record it.

Show your office, a task that needs to get done, your 10 minute break on how you refresh and reenergize, etc. Everyone loves a good day in the life video!

2. Packaging videos are a big hit!

These are some of the most simple videos yet SO effective in grabbing your followers attention. They love seeing the process and what it takes to bottle up the goodness you have to offer. Test this one out and see the results yourself!

3. Customers testing out your product/service.

A real-time customer testimonial and review is the PERFECT way to relate and engage with your audience. It's also a smart way to build brand awareness and get your products out there in front of new faces.

4. Give a business owner introduction + show them your faces!

I know, I know, showing your face on camera can seem a little daunting, but it doesn't have to be a huge speech! Show off the business owner side of things and state 2-3 interesting facts, what you love about the company, or how you hope the product/service impacts the customer. It's the simplest videos that you can have the most fun with!

5. Familiarize yourself with current trends and viral videos that are floating around the internet.

You never know when a video of yours may go viral, but it's always fun to test it out and try! A quick search on Instagram, Tik Tok, or Google will leave you with tons of inspiration on how you can join in on the viral video game and stay up-to-date with what's popular in the social media world.

6. Make fun on-brand videos with your employees!

Take time to have FUN with your social media, get the whole team involved, and think up fun ways to include them and provide helpful content to your audience at the same time!

7. Educate with interesting tips and tricks related to your business.

Open up a FAQ, educate them on your business's history, what current projects you have going on, etc. You'd be surprised to know your audience loves to know the 411 with your brand!

Having a solid strategy with your videography content is a true game-changer. This blog breaks down WHY video will definitely boost your business and help you connect with your clients!

Video isn't going anywhere, if anything it's just taking off. The possibilities to be creative in showing off your business are endless. We know a thing or two about video, so if you need some pointers shoot us a message and we'd love to help you create something on brand!


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