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6 Ways YouTube Will Grow Your Business

Grab that cup of coffee and stay awhile because this blog is worth the read. We're talking YouTube and what it'll do for your brand and business.

Firstly, do you really want to know how popular YouTube is?

+ It has over 2.1 billion monthly active users and sees 122 million users per day. Insane!

+ 77% of users are adults.

+ It's the world's second-most used website AND second-most used social platform. WOW!

+ People are watching more than a billion hours of video on YouTube DAILY. Hello, traffic!

Let's be real. With these stats, you don't have to question if you should be using YouTube for your business. The answer should be a resounding YES! It's another traffic avenue where you can reach your target audience and show off your amazing brand!

Want to know how using YouTube could benefit your business big time? We've got the 411.

  1. With it being the second largest search engine, you're tapping into some pretty heavy traffic.

  2. Marketing on YouTube will help you get found on Google. Major win!

  3. Your content never goes away.

  4. You can expand your audience!

  5. It's another added revenue stream.

  6. You can offer a more engaged and personal connection with your audience.

It's time you start thinking about all those added benefits of utilizing YouTube. Videography is an important part to any marketing strategy, and we happen to have a pretty solid passion for creating videos to help brands grow. Check out our work here and let's create something amazing and show off your business!


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