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5 Must-Have Products and Programs for Successful Small Business Owners

Spoiler alert: one of the keys to a successful small business is finding useful and

resourceful programs and products to make your life just a bit easier!

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When you're working to run a successful small business, there's no doubt you need a little help. Finding the right programs for things like email marketing, website management, social media planning and creation, design, etc. is KEY to smooth sailing. Trust us on this one!

We've tried quite a few different programs over the years to see what we love and what we don't, and while every business is different and may find certain products that work better for them, we've found these 5 programs to be some of the most helpful in running our business like a well oiled machine.

Oh, and bonus! We're going to help you hit the ground running with some pretty great deals. Win-win!

5 products and programs to run a successful small business:

Flodesk has proved to be one of our absolute favorite email marketing programs. It makes creating a successful newsletter seamless and fun. With a variety of templates to choose from, you can easily customize the newsletter to fit your brand and style while writing content that's perfectly catered to your target audience. Not to mention, the designs are gorgeous!

One of the most popular graphic design tools that isn't just for advanced graphic designers! One of the best features about Canva is that it's a FREE tool that's easy to navigate and use for all of your photos, videos, branding, etc. You can easily upload and edit your own designs while adding in your brand colors and logo to make it YOU. Canva also offers free stock images and various other resources that allow you to customize designs for any platform. This one is an absolute must for small business owners!

3. Wix

Finding a website management program that works and offers all the benefits needed to track success can be hard. Wix is one of the best website builders out there and we've found nothing but great success with what it has to offer. Wix has an extremely user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate and customize to your liking. They offer a wide range of templates, powerful SEO tools to help boost your traffic, and the best cost-effective pricing plans. These are all important factors to consider when choosing a website that's going to work best for your brand and business. Not to mention, they also offer great customer support for all your questions. You want to be confident when deciding on how you're going to showcase your website to your audience and followers, and we're confident Wix is the place to be!

A key component to any small business is finding a great social media marketing tool to curate and share your content easily. You spend intentional time creating content that will resonate and spark interest for your target audience, so it's important you find a social media planning tool that will fit best with your brand to reach your audience! Metricool has been a great social media tool for us in many ways! With Metricool, you can easily schedule out posts for all your social platforms in one place and create a calendar and content plan that allows you to optimize results and track analytics. One of our favorite features of Metricool are the downloadable analytics templates. Analytics are extremely important when it comes to social media, so being able to have an easy-to-understand template that you can compare month after month is a game changer!

This is another great social media marketing tool that caters to businesses that may be a little more advanced in how they want to share their content. A few key features of Plann are that they offer a unique strategy feature that allow you to plan out your content right in the program! You're also able to use their stock images, an AI feature to help you write great content for your audience, and access to analytics tools to help track your success. With Plann's advanced features, it's best to take some time to watch tutorials, how-to videos, and just hop into the site and click around to discover all they have to offer. Plann really is a great social media tool to finding success in your small business!

Now that we've shared our top 5 favorite programs and products, we hope you take time to look further into these awesome resources and see how they could really benefit your small business!

If you have any questions or comments on any of these, we would love to chat and see how we can help you use these to grow your brand! Finding resources like these remind you that when it comes to being a small business owner the opportunities are endless for growth!

From one small business owner to another, we're rooting for your continued success!


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