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3 Business Owner Affirmations to Build Your Confidence This Year

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I once heard a quote that says “if you focus on the good, the good gets better.”

Let’s have a real chat for a moment. Sometimes having a business on social media can be hard. There’s the comparison games, keeping up with trends, making sure you’re attracting your target audience in the right ways, using the right hashtags, showing off your products/services the best way possible, and the list goes on!

Being a small business owner, I’ve learned quite a bit over the last decade of being on social media, and the best thing I’ve learned as of recently is to continue rooting for others but don’t let it dim the light you have to offer too.

No matter how many other businesses you see out there similar to yours, YOU still have that unique thing that sets you apart and there’s so much beauty and opportunity in fully believing it! Your mindset makes a huge difference in how you build confidence as a small business owner!

Read these affirmations to build yourself up today and let it boost your confidence!

+ Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

+ Believe in your success and all that you’ve already accomplished.

+ Sometimes you forget that you’re awesome, so this is your reminder.

Comment below if you needed to hear this today, too! We're always rooting for you and are always happy to lend a word of encouragement when you need it most!


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