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3 Simple Instagram Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Being on Instagram as a small business in 2023 is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Did you know that 90% of Instagram users are following a brand?! That's a pretty big number!

Instagram is very brand-friendly when it comes to sharing products right on your posts/page and making it easy for your clients to purchase, get in contact with you, and follow along on your journey!

If you want to GROW on Instagram, you need to be thinking about a few goals that you want to strive towards. Maybe it's increasing sales, growing your audience, increasing brand awareness, or driving website traffic. Whatever the goal, know the importance that Instagram can have on helping you achieve these goals if you're using it strategically!

Our top 3 Instagram best practices are simple:

1. Be relatable, not salesy.

2. Post regularly and consistently + be sure to engage with your followers! #relationshipbuilding

3. Post content that is educational, fun, informative, and most of all, truly encompasses your brand as a whole!

Instagram is one of our favorite platforms to help grow brands! We would LOVE to help you see the power Instagram can have on your business!


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