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6 SEO Do's and Don'ts To Keep Your Website Fresh

What's more important than having a top-notch website is making sure it's optimized correctly and strategically. Ranking on a search engine doesn't happen overnight, but if you follow this little checklist we can guarantee it'll be a great start for your website and your business!

SEO DO: Write long-form content.

SEO DON'T: Keyword stuff.

SEO DO: Use keywords in your titles.

SEO DON'T: Add in keyword misspellings.

SEO DO: Always keep your content skimmable.

SEO DON'T: Add fluff words just to try and up your word count.

SEO can be a tough thing to work through for some, so if you're feeling stuck in this department don't sweat it! We want your business functioning at its highest potential, and with your website being the face of your biz, we would love to help out and make it one your audience keeps coming back too!

Shoot us a message if you need help checking off a few SEO items to better your website! We'd love to chat with you!


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